I am still a virgin and will never allow any actor to have s*x with me – Actress Spendilove


Spendilove Acheampong, a bright and beautiful young actress stated on categorically clear that she is a virgin and not ready until marriage.

Spendilove is a famed Ghanaian child actress who has starred in many of the Ghanaian local movies and she is currently 19 years now.

She got a chance in the movie industry through her mother.This was beacause her mother was also an actress.

Interview with kwaku manu on aggressive interview: she asserted”I have matured into a gorgeous young lady and receiving countless love messages and sexual chatting but not really interested and I won’t be.

She continued that: “I have never had sexual intercourse or never engaged in any sexual activity at all. Am not ready and so am focus to have fruitful future.

She added that: “I will never allow any actor to have sex with me or even get into fornication until marriage but not saying I will do fornication when marriage.

The enterprising actress is well known for her role as a witch in the Ghanaian movies and her way of acting makes many people thinks she is a real witch.

Source: SeanCity.net / Opoku Asare Obed


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