We Need Agya Koo’s Love And Togetherness To Resuscitate Kumawood Movies – Director Fiifi Gharbin


Famous Kumawood director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has finally smoke a peace pipe with Legendary Agya Koo after apologizing him after 10 years misunderstanding.

The beef started from where renowned movie producer asserted how he once found Agya Koo on stage rapping a coworker actress.

He said that after returning to set after a day of work and hearing a lady scream in one of the rooms, he went over to see Agya Koo attempting to rape the lady which made Agya Koo got angried.

Morever, it reported that Agya Koo declined to play role in the ‘Okomfo Anokye’ movie by going naked in some part of the scene.

“Ike, I’m not here to explain or justify myself,” Frank Fiifi Gharbin declared on Ike De Unpredictable’s Angel Fm Entertainment Show. Because Agya Koo is my older brother, I must apologize.

He continued that: “I take full responsibility for everything that transpired during the filming of Okomfo Anokye Movie. The only thing I want to say to my brother Agya Koo is please forgive me so we can work together to build the Kumawood Movie Industry.

“We need collaboration, love, and togetherness to resuscitate Kumawood Movie Industry -He addeed.

Source: SeanCity.net / Opoku


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