Indolent Crumbled Ghanaian Movie Drastically – Actress / Model


Visionary Movie Producer, Actress & model Shanfair Adwow Assan has blamed the collapse of Ghanaian movie industry on lackadaisical acts within co-workers.

Ghana movies were on the screens of everyone’s home and even in homes beyond the shores of the country.

The Movie industry was in great shape and better than our that of Nigerian counterparts due to good content.

Actress / Model Shanfair explained that some of these public figures and famous actors are difficult to work with because they are not serious and perform woefully acts it seems they are forced.

She professed that It is of no doubt that our local movie producers are unable to meet the fast growing age of technology. These days, movie lovers no longer join long queues to buy or rent CDs to watch movies.

She also revealed that illiteracy was highly part of the reasons the industry collapsed. Some members in the industry still use archaic methods in both acting and producing.

Shanfair produced excellent movies in the Country like “Owusore”, Hotel De Wawa, “Me Bronii” and “Owuo Ahyensode” which caused a lot attention for viewers and movies fans. / Opoku Asare Obed


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