Unprofessionalism destroyed Ghanaian Movies – Movie Producer


Ghanaian movie producer, Shanfair Adwoa Assan has revealed that lack of good content and lackadaisical production ruined the movies.

She noted that things are moving at a faster pace in recent times, emphasizing that now people think producing movie is just having modern logistics without proper plan

However, Telenovelas are now countless but most of the story lines in our Industry are poor and not catchy to sustain attention so it reduces it qualities and job itself.

Some directors are not serious to it that arrangements are always absurd due to monitoring, audacious to draw actors and actresses mistakes when action are ongoing.

She continued that a lot of movie producers are unprofessional and do not pay massive attention to certain essentials that need to help the industry move but to be call a producer was their hallmarks.

Citing an example she said, “I was once one finding it complicated when producing my first move in 2021 due to professionalism and my seriousness.

She emphasized that we need behavioural and attitudinal change. We need to take our industry serious, it is not a hobby. We should learn the business aspect properly so we can tap into funding and do more collaboration.

Finally, she said we must have developmental themes in our stories, and project our tourism industry in our films, practice realistic acting and aim at the world markets.

Source: SeanCity.net


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