I Will Attend Your ‘Stupid’ Funeral If You Die In Abusive Marriage – Empress Gifty


Ghanaian gospel musician, Empress Gifty has advised women in abusive marriage to leave.

Speaking in one-on-one interview on Adom TV, she said it’s about high time Ghanaians have to know that, gospel musicians also have feelings.

According to Empress Gifty, society shouldn’t decide for someone who is in a ministry.

She further explained that a married woman is being prevented from the pulpit, taking communion, tithe among others in the church if she leaves her abusive marriage.

Empress Gifty stated that the Nigerian gospel musician, Osinachi Nwachukwu wouldn’t have died if she had left her marriage but she stayed because of what her church and society will say about her.

She added, “listen to me, marriage is not a passport to heaven. There’s no marriage in heaven.”

Empress Gifty cautioned that if anyone dies in abusive marriage she will attend the person’s ‘stupid’ funeral.

The Ghanaian female gospel musician made it clear that the best decision for anyone suffering in marriage is to leave.


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