FIPAG to work closely with the Media – President


The President of the Film Producers Association of Ghana, Mr Aboagye has stated that the current crop of leadership of the association is poised to work closely with the media to help promote the film industry.

In an interview , he said that a time has come for the industry players to appreciate the work of the media in many forms so that the media will pay a positive attention to the industry.

“It seems at a point we distanced ourselves from the media. Now we’re going to make conscious effort to get closer to the media. We need to appreciate their work in all forms so that they also help to promote our industry”.

He however advised the media not to push their energy to only negative news about the film industry but rather to give positive comments and views where needed.

“Though we say negative news sells, it’s not all the time that it helps the society. In the past, we have attached so much importance to negative news and it has costed the industry a lot. Let us as a people promote our industry. If there is an issue that you don’t understand, call any of the leaders and you will be clarified”.

The national attention to the movie industry in Ghana has seen a huge decline. While some blame the government for not putting good structures in place to boost the industry, others are of the view that the industry players are to blame for not being innovative enough in bringing new ideas which will much the changing needs of the society.

Mr Aboagye was elected as the President of the association in the latter part of 2019 and has since been very active to seek to the revival of the film industry in the country.


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