I got the name ‘Kumawood’ in a coffin – CEO


Ghanaian filmmaker, Mr Samuel Kwabena Darko has mysteriously revealed that he got the name Kumawood in a coffin on a set.

According to the initiator of the name Kumawood on Royal Television’s Anigye Fie with Papa Kumasi a week ago, Samdakus said that the name Kumawood was revealed to him in a coffin when he was made to sleep in it in a story he doubled as an actor and a director at the same time.

“I was on a set acting and directing at the same time. In the story, I was put in a coffin as a dead man. They then covered the coffin and unfortunately, I slept deeply in the process because I had worked for three days and became tired. So later when they realised that I was still in the coffin and opened it, I was fast asleep. They tried waking me up but I was fast asleep. It was in the sleep while in the coffin that the name was revealed to me.”

Mr Samuel Kwabena Darko is the CEO of Kumawood Akoben Film Festival Awards, an award scheme which has for the past years been awarding movie industry players who under the year of review, distinguish themselves in the industry.



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