Ghanaian comedian releases song to address adultery


Ghanaian actor and comedian, Joe Kuntani has released a controversial song asking God to deal with unfaithful women who cheat on their husbands in marriages.

The song which is gaining massive attention after it’s release is seen as contentious by most Ghanaian women because in the same song, the comedian is praying to God to forgive adulterous married men.

Since in a typical Ghanaian society, it is seen as an ‘abomination’ for married women to cheat on their husbands, there is section of Ghanaian men who are loving and jamming to this song by Joe Kuntani.

The popular YouTube skit comedian who has titled his song as ‘Nyame Ntua Wo Ka’, thinks women cheating in marriages is becoming a norm in Ghanaian societies and this practice shouldn’t be accepted or tolerated as normal.

After releasing this song, most people are speculating the increasing rate at which women now cheat in relationships could be the main motive behind Joe Kuntani’s moot song.

Listen to Joe Kuntani’s song



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